About us

Shock value​

We pride ourselves on our workspace, we love our equipment, and we love putting it to WORK!  

We operate from our fully featured workshop close to the Nürburgring, featuring a 10 Horse-Power crank driven shock dyno, factory specification damper tooling, precision chassis setup equipment, in-house welding, in-house machining, in-house CAD/CAM Design, and even 3D Prototyping. There are not many tasks we have not done, and there is nothing that we will not try.


Emerson Britnell, CEO

Enthusiast, proud Canadian, and dedicated Motorsports expert. Graduated BSc Motorsport Engineering, and jumped straight into the world of high-technology racing suspension with Nitron. With Öhlins he worked as both an applications development engineer, and race technician.  In 2018 he opened the Nürburgring branch of Engauge Inc.