Precision comes as standard

Discover our range of custom-built, high-quality suspension solutions, developed and manufactured here in Germany. 

For Racing Use Only, of course.

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Professional sales, service, & development

Nürburgring born 

Our local track is open most days, and we use it a lot

Full service

We rebuild top-line shocks from Penske, Öhlins, Bilstein & more!


With full CAD/CAM & machining capabilities on-site, we make our own parts to the highest specs


We create racing suspension applications from scratch


From restoring neglected race dampers and giving them new life. To designing a state-of-the-art damper set with the same qualities and perfection of a Swiss Watch. To creating components out of rare alloy metals and finishing them into the suspension assembly that you need to accomplish your goals.


We are an agile company offering expert services, knowledge, and engineering for motorsports suspension applications. We specialize in short-circuit and endurance racing, as well as a variety of modern and historic Formula cars. 


We pride ourselves on our workspace, we love our equipment, and we love putting it to WORK!  We operate from our fully featured workshop close to the Nürburgring, featuring a 10 Horse-Power crank driven shock dyno, factory specification damper tooling, precision chassis setup equipment, in-house welding, in-house machining, in-house CAD/CAM Design, and even 3D Prototyping. There are not many tasks we have not done, and there is nothing that we will not try. 

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